Dimensions Design

Dimensions Design is an Egyptian architecture firm, founded by Dr. Mohamed Kotb in 2003, operates in Dubai, Italy & Saudi Arabia to achieve a high level of design and smart solutions.

What do we do?

We provide full Architectural and Engineering services to successfully Design and Construct all types of residential & commercial buildings.

What do we guarantee?

We guarantee to our clients functionality, style and value through our efficient communication between disciplines, including; Architects Interior designers Electrical Engineers Mechanical Engineers Structural Engineers Site Engineers Geo technical Engineers Project Managers 

How are we different?

Unlike many other engineering firms, Dimensions utilizes the technology of Building Information Modelling (BIM) System and provides its clients with; 3-D Model for functional analysis Detailed shop drawings 2-D drafting with Integrated solutions Energy Analysis & Lighting concepts 5D Integration with Project Schedule Real time Navigation & Walk-through More Accurate Quantity surveying & cost estimate Project Documents Management  Quality Control & Quality Assurance
In addition to all of the above engineering services, we are the market leaders in delivering distinctive Sustainable & Parametric Designs collaborating with Dimensions Smart